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Week Six Style Guideline Questions

Week Six Style Guideline Questions - the uniformity and...

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What are the main formatting differences between the memo and academic paper? The memo and academic paper have five main formatting differences. The memo’s margins are not 1- inch on the left and right. An academic paper needs to have 1-inch margins on all sides. The paragraphs in the memo are not indented five spaces. A memo does not need a title page, nor does it need numbered page headings. Finally, a memo is not restricted to a specific font style or size. In what ways do audience, purpose, tone, and structure affect the memo and paper’s formatting? The audience of an academic paper is going to be more formal than that of a memo. This is reflected in
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Unformatted text preview: the uniformity and following of APA formatting. Communicating in business requires a different tone than an academic paper. Memos are short, to-the-point, and within a company of peers, while an academic paper is usually read by the author’s instructor for the purpose of critiquing. A memo’s purpose is generally to solve a problem; the tone must be inquisitive yet direct. The structure of both a memo and academic paper will include a section indicating the following: to, from, subject and date. A title page is used for the academic paper and a heading within the memo....
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