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Bear Wants More lesson plan - Literature for Children...

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Literature for Children Chapter 5: Picture Books February 17, 2011 Bear Wants More Bear Wants More is a preschool-age picture book written by Karma Wilson, and illustrated by Jane Chapman. It is part of the Bear series, and recommended for children 2+. The story is a great teaching tool for a number of topics, including: seasons, hibernation, food, friendship, and rhyming/repetition. It features diverse characters with fitting, yet unique, names: Bear, Mouse, Hare, Badger, Gopher, Mole, Raven, and Wren. The illustrations and text stand out as the strengths of this book. The animals are all friendly-looking, without seeming unrealistic. The depictions of gathering food are shown in a way they don’t overpower the characters or text, but still show the urgency Bear and his friends feel. The text does not interfere with the pictures, but manages to stay a part of the story. This is helpful when focusing on the repetition, because “Bear wants more” is shown in larger type- easily followed. The illustrator’s use of green is an excellent way to keep the ‘spring’ theme, and sets a very fresh feel. I
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Bear Wants More lesson plan - Literature for Children...

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