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COMPARISONS OF SIX FAIRY TALES Title of Fairy Tale ____ Snow-White and Rose-Red _______________________________ Hero/Heroine The bear/king’s son is the hero. Adversary The dwarf is the villain in this story. Hero/Heroine’s enviable characteristic The bear shows immense patience, both, with the girls, and with his quest. Testing of characters The girls’ kind hearts are tested when faced with the dwarf’s mean spirit. Magical creatures? The dwarf could be considered magical. Animals? The bear is just a costume, but the girls have a lamb and a dove. Royalty? The bear is revealed to be the king’s son, and Rose-Red marries his brother. Poverty or wealth? The girls live in poverty with their mother, described as a “poor widow”. Stepmother/dead mother? The girls’ father has passed away. Goodness rewarded? The girls’ kindness is not explicitly rewarded, but it is implied by the marriages. Evil punished? The dwarf is killed by the prince. Ending: Happy? Sad? The ending is happy. Do characters change shape, being, etc.? The bear reveals itself to be the king’s son. Death? Birth? The girls’ father is dead, and the dwarf dies in the end.
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Moral of the story? It seems to place an emphasis on having a kind heart, regardless of the adversary. Title of Fairy Tale __ Little Briar-Rose __________________________________________________ Hero/Heroine The twelfth wise woman and a king’s son are the heroine/hero, respectively. Adversary The thirteenth wise woman is the adversary. Hero/Heroine’s enviable characteristic The heroine is wise enough to counter the thirteenth’s spell. The hero is determined. Testing of characters The hero is tested when attempting to get to the princess. Magical creatures? The wise women are magical. Animals? There are horses, pigeons, and flies that also fall into a hundred-year’s sleep. Royalty? Briar-Rose’s family is royalty, as well as the numerous princes that attempt to break the spell. Poverty or wealth?
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