Fairy Tales in the Classroom

Fairy Tales in the Classroom - Fairy tale 'zines: using...

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Fairy tale 'zines: using fairy tales as inspiration and subject, kids can write and illustrate their own popular-style magazines. From: Instructor (1990) | Date: 3/1/2002 | Author: Cruikshank, Wendy Once upon a time there was a way to teach fairy tales that integrated writing with other subjects. It was perfect for learners at all grade levels and resulted in a magazine as a final product. Best of all, the students who took part in the project wound up more creative ever after. .. A Look at Fairy Tales Children, even older ones, are captivated by fairy tales. These stories have been highly polished by repetition until they have become literary gems, worthy of study. Since most fairy tales began in the oral tradition, many versions of the well-known tales are available. Try to have on hand at least three versions of each fairy tale you will study. (See Fairy Tale Resources, page 62.) One of these should be a classic version--such as the tales of Brothers Grimm, Charles Perrault, or Joseph Jacobs. Other versions might include modem fairy tale interpretations, spoofs, or versions from other lands. As they read or listen to these stories, encourage children to notice differences and similarities. Kid Magazine "Editors" Once students are familiar with a variety of tales, distribute an assortment of magazines, such as Sports Illustrated, People, Time, and magazines that the students choose and bring in. After skimming through these publications, ask students to help you generate a list of sections found in all or most of them, such as the table of contents, letters to the editor, news briefs, interviews, advertisements, feature articles, survey results, editorials and other opinion pieces. Explain to students that they'll be selecting from among these elements as they create their own fairy-tale magazines. Fairy Tale Interviews
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Fairy Tales in the Classroom - Fairy tale 'zines: using...

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