Juvenile Biography compare contrast

Juvenile Biography compare contrast - E lijah Lovejoys...

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Elijah Lovejoy’s Fight for Freedom by Jennifer Phillips In this juvenile biography by Jennifer Phillips, Elijah Lovejoy is described as one of the lesser known pioneers of abolishing slavery, and defender of freedom of speech. His defense of four printing presses, the cause of his ultimate demise, is well-documented. There is a timeline of his life, and this is a great feature to help follow not only his life, but the aftermath of his murder. Most remarkably, his killers were found not guilty in court. His plight is detailed, and it is difficult to come away from the book not wondering why this pre- Civil War hero is spoken of so little- and written of even less. In fact, this is the only juvenile biography I could find about Elijah Lovejoy. Subject: -The subject’s life offers meaning to young children’s lives by making them aware of another way their freedom of speech was defended. -Elijah’s fight will help children understand the journey toward abolishing slavery. -Children can gain strength in their conviction through learning about Elijah’s experiences. Accuracy and Authenticity: -The text is accurate, and the illustrations were obtained from the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library. -I liked the author’s description in the beginning of the book of where the pictures were
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Juvenile Biography compare contrast - E lijah Lovejoys...

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