The Spotless Fawn - Janna Frank Childrens Li terature March...

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Janna Frank Children’s Literature March 11, 2011 The Spotless Fawn In the woods, far away and long ago, lived a fawn named Isabella. She lived in a small cave with her parents, who loved her dearly, but she was miserable. You see, all fawns are born with white spots on their fur, but Isabella was not. All the fawns at school made fun of her, and called her names. As much as her parents told her they loved her, nothing could brighten her spirits. One day, Isabella decided she’d had enough. She couldn’t take the bullying any longer, so she decided she’d run away. She was walking alone on a path, and came upon a little bunny. “What is your name, reindeer,” asked the bunny. “My name is Isabella, and I am a fawn, not a reindeer calf,” said the young doe. “A fawn? But fawns have white spots on their fur. Where are your spots?” “Mother says God must have thought I did not need spots. I just wish I looked like everyone else,” Isabella replied. “Well, I think your fur is beautiful! Would you like to be friends,” asked the bunny. “There’s no use being friends, I am running away. Everyone bullies me because I look different. I can’t take it anymore, so I am going to live where there are no deer.” 1
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The Spotless Fawn - Janna Frank Childrens Li terature March...

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