The Teeny Mermaid - Mertopia Once upon a time there was a...

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Mertopia Once upon a time, there was a beautiful mermaid named Isabella. She lived with her father, stepmother, and three stepsisters, in the undersea world of Mertopia. Her father, a kind old man who wanted nothing more than to see his only daughter in love, decided to send a letter to the Merking. In his letter, he issued a plea to the king to set up a meeting with his son, the prince, in the hopes of his daughter finding true love. One day an invitation came by messenger. It was an invitation to the prince’s annual swim meet! Isabella really wanted to go to the meet, but her evil stepsisters made her do so many chores, she didn't have time to make a new seashell top, or get cleaned up. Isabella sat sadly on a rock by the ocean, talking with her sea horse friend, Black Beauty. "Oh! I wish I could go to the swim meet,” she sobbed. “I will never finish all the chores my stepmother and stepsisters have ordered me to do. I wish I could tell Father, but they have threatened me with a night in the stingray chamber.” “Never fear, Isabella. Your father knows you were invited, and he will make sure you are
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The Teeny Mermaid - Mertopia Once upon a time there was a...

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