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ethics in accounting profession - work and money. A good...

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Name: Georgia Moore Date: 04/22/2011 Assignment: Ethics in the Accounting Profession 13. Is a professional accountant a businessperson pursuing profit or a fiduciary that is to act in the public interest? A professional accountant should be a fiduciary that is to act in the public interest instead of a business person pursuing profit. Morally and ethically need to work according to certain rules and regulations specify in the interest of the public. He/ she shouldn’t falsify the financial statements and tax returns for higher profits from the company which had hired him/her. Trust would build higher goodwill for the professional accountant & would fetch lot of
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Unformatted text preview: work and money. A good accountant will never cut corners & should always act ethically; this might upset the owner company which hires him/her. In case of any fraud by the professional accountant his license could be cancelled. 14. Why is it important for a professional accountant to understand the ethical trends discussed in this chapter? I believe it is important for professional accountants to understand the ethical trends discussed in this chapter so we do not have another Enron debacle. If the accountants followed the ethics in this chapter they would never had done what they did....
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