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Accounting Software Memo - to see if the modern accounting...

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Name: Georgia Moore Date: 02/17/2011 Assignment: Accounting Software Memo Memorandum To. Mr. Smith From. Mrs. Moore Priority: High Date: 02/17/2011 RE: Ordering new software. Dear. Mr. Smith We are ordering new software for the company and I need you to gather some information about your division so we make sure we get the right software. I need you to gather all the information from invoice preparation to inventory operations. You must separate these lists from mission critical to not mission critical. The mission critical has to be done because there can be an economic impact if it is not done. The not mission critical in not necessary and does not have an economic impact but I would really appreciate this list too.
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After you do the first part I need you to make flow charts to diagram how you perform these tasks. These flow charts will show me how your division performs the tasks. I need a step by step process on how you make the decisions and the step required for each action. I need this
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Unformatted text preview: to see if the modern accounting software can handle many of these duties. Finally I need a sample of every form and report the current software produces. This means I need a sample of checks, invoices and picking tickets plus any other forms you have in your department. These will show me what kind of software your division really needs. In conclusion without your analysis I cannot successfully purchase new accounting software that will help your division. This is very important that you do these steps and help me so I can help you with your division. With an upgraded or new accounting software your division will be better off in the long run. Please get this to me as soon as possible so we can get the new accounting software and this might help the production and save you time with your paper work. Thank you. Mrs. Moore...
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Accounting Software Memo - to see if the modern accounting...

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