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Week 1 Assignment - Marjett Cabatit Week 1 Assignment...

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Marjett Cabatit Week 1 Assignment EDU658 Professor Hom Marjett, Most of your answers sound like you are well tuned to the concepts that the authors present. On some I’m not so sure but it may just be the way you describe it. You deserve the benefit of a doubt. More examples from your own professional experience would improve your answers by connecting the concepts to real life. Read carefully and see if you can recall instances in your experience that appear similar. 9/10 Based on your analysis of the assigned readings in Primal Leadership: Learning to Lead with Emotional Intelligence , answer the following critical thinking questions. Preface Critical Thinking Questions Directions: Based on your analysis of the Preface, please answer the following questions. Use specific examples from your professional experience and cite the book when possible. 1. What is the fundamental task of leaders? The fundamental task of leaders is to prime good feeling in those they lead. At its root, then, the primal job of leadership is emotional. I have known some people who possess great leadership skills and I have known some people who should have never been in leadership positions. Not because they were bad people but because they didn’t have the skills to lead others. How does a leader perform this task? This occurs when a leader creates resonance-a reservoir of positivity that frees the best in people. 2. How would you answer the following questions? How would Goleman et al, answer? a. What emotional resources do leaders need to thrive amidst chaos and turbulent change? A leader should have emotional intelligence—being intelligent about emotions—matters so much for leadership success. This includes the skills to reason and perform.
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b. What gives a leader inner strength? I think a leader’s inner strength comes from his emotions. His/her emotional intelligence plays a vital role. A leader must have possess emotional resonance. I feel a leader must be able to reason with how his/her employees are feeling. c. What enables a leader to inspire others? The ability to inspire people to reach great heights of performance and success is a skill that leaders need. Passion, purpose, listening and meaning help make a leader inspirational. They must possess the ability to communicate that passion, purpose and meaning to others helps establish the inspirational culture of your organization. These points will tell you how to enable inspiration and motivation in the people you lead.
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