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Chapter 2 Homework - Elaine Montilla Chapter 2 Homework...

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Elaine Montilla Chapter 2 Homework Short Answer 1. The power of radiated energy depends in part on the power that of the current that creates it. Because power attenuates as it travels, the farther the current goes in our wire the weaker it gets; hence, the weaker its radiation. In addition, radiated waves spread out as they travel, which also dilutes their power. The more they spread, the more they attenuate. Overly attenuated signals will not be recognized by the receiver. 2. For simplicity, we refer to direction as positive and negative strength. It continually changes direction and magnitude at a regular rate, moving smoothly one way while increasing in strength to a maximum, subsiding to zero strength. 3. If we run a varying current through a wire, magnetic and electrical forces are produced. Together these create electromagnetic waves that radiate from the wire and that mimic the pattern of change of the current in the wire. If we lay another wire, with no current running through it, parallel to the first, waves radiating from the first wire wil intersect
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Chapter 2 Homework - Elaine Montilla Chapter 2 Homework...

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