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adv. alg 2 opening letter2010

adv. alg 2 opening letter2010 - ADVANCED ALGEBRA 2(M55 MRS...

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ADVANCED ALGEBRA 2 (M55) MRS. SODERLUND I apologize for the length of this opening letter but I believe all of the following information is very important to your success for the year ahead! COURSE OVERVIEW: Credits:10 Length: 1 year Prerequisites: Algebra 1 or Advanced Algebra 1, PIB Geometry or teacher recommendation ATTENDANCE : Daily attendance and punctuality is essential for your success. We will follow the attendance and lateness policies in your planner. Lateness to class may affect your performance on our opening activities. SUPPLIES : Be prepared for every class everyday! You will need your covered textbook, a 3- ring binder with 5 dividers, graph paper, a pencil, and a graphing calculator- TI83 or TI84 . Going to your locker during class will not be permitted. COME PREPARED ! ORGANIZATION is a major key to success. Keep all assessments and assignments in your binder for future reference and accountability! If organization is a challenge for you, I will be happy to help…just ask! CLASSWORK/HOMEWORK : (20% of your grade) To receive full credit your assignment must: have the required heading (I will explain this) be on a full sheet of paper with holes intact (unless specified otherwise) show every problem with all work complete and neat using standard mathematical notation (I will be modeling this with each problem we do in class!) be turned in on time
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