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AII What's on the final

AII What's on the final - • determine if a table...

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AII What’s on the final? FREE RESPONSE Graph a plane in 3-space Graph a parabola in standard form (show vertex AoS and 5 pts) Solve a system of three equations using the inverse matrix method and a graphing calc Given the graph, write the equation of a parabola graph a system of inequalities (one line one abs .value) Factor (2) Bonus = factor MULT CHOICE classify sets of numbers (rational numbers, naturals, etc) graph a number on a number line Use < > or = to compare evaluate expressions for given values of the variables combine like terms solve formulas for a specific variable Solve inequalities (AND GRAPH) Solve absolute value inequalities solve compound inequalities solve absolute value equations Probability domain and range Tell if something is a function Vertical line test function notation find the slope of a line in standard form Find the equation for a line parallel ro perpendicular to a given line
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Unformatted text preview: • determine if a table represents direct variation • write a direct variation equation about a real world situation • linear modeling (2) • find the vertex of an abs. value • write an equation for the translation of an absolute value graph • interpret how an abs. value graph will move (left right or up down) • graph linear inequalities (pick which side to shade) • write equations for the graph of a linear inequality • graph absolute value inequalities example y = |x - 2| • write equations for the graphs of abs value inequalities • solve systems with substitution / elimination etc • dimensions of a matrix • add matrices • multiply matrices • find determinants and inverses of matrices • determine if a function is linear or quadratic • identify a vertex on a graph • factoring • possibly one more thing that I missed :S...
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