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Chapter 8 test STUDY GUIDE

Chapter 8 test STUDY GUIDE - 4 Expand a logarithm a p449#19...

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Chapter 8 test – study guide Name: _________________ For each of these problems, either the answer is given to you or it is in the back of your book. If you need help, come see Ms. Pfenning during lunch or after school Wed/ Thurs. She won’t be here Friday. Your test is Monday! 1) Know about the asymptotes, domain, and range for logarithmic functions. Know how to translate the graphs. 2) Know about the asymptotes, domain, and range, and translations for exponential functions. 3) Write a model for population growth / decay and figure out how long before a town reaches a certain population. a. P 457 #52 (answer = 4 years)
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Unformatted text preview: 4) Expand a logarithm a. p449 #19, 21, 81 5) Write an expression as a single log a. P449 # 11, 13, 73 6) Evaluate simple logs a. p465 # 31, 33 7 &8) Solve an exponential equation a. p456 #1, 3, 79 Page 471 #53-56 9&10) Solve a logarithmic equation a. p471 61-64 (you won’t have to leave your answer in exact form) 11) Solve equations involving e a. p471 67-72 12) Find the rate of investment a. p471 #73 13) Graph an exponential equation a. p 434 #9 p432 example 2 14) Graph a logarithmic equation a. p441 example 6, p442 #35 15) Half life problem a. p 457 #51 (answer 2.7 minutes)...
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