linear pogramming notes c

linear pogramming notes c - First we need to define...

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Section 3.4 – Linear Programming Did you know: Linear Programming was developed during WWII to solve real world problems (for example maximizing the number of relief packages on a cargo plane) You’ve already read this section and taken notes on it, so let’s see what you can do! Turn to page 160 in your book and look at problem 14. A pizza shop makes $1.50 on each small pizza and $2.15 on each large pizza. On a typical Friday, it sells between 70 and 90 small pizzas and between 100 and 140 large pizzas. The shop can make no more than 210 pizzas in one day. How many of each size pizza must be sold in order to maximize profit.”
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Unformatted text preview: First we need to define variables (there will be three of them!) Next lets write our objective function ( hint : it will have to do with money) o WAIT!!! What is an objective function again?? Objective Function is an algebraic expression in two or more variables describing a quantity that must be maximized or minimized. OK Now lets write our constrains ( hint : they will have to do with numbers of pizzas made) o But what are those??? Now its time to determine our feasibility region . o Whats that? How do we find our vertices and how do we test them ? So what is the conclusion ?...
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linear pogramming notes c - First we need to define...

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