3.1 notes c - Here is a system: =--= + 3 2 7 2 y x y x 2...

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1 3.1 Notes Graphing Systems of Equations Warm-up: Graph each equation on one coordinate plane. 1) y = 3x -2 2) y = -x 3) 2x – y = -1 Warm-up 1) y = 3x -2 2) y = -x 3) 2x – y = -1 What is a system of equations? Objective: Solve a system by graphing. System of Equations: a set of two or more equations that use the same variables Linear System – each equation in a system of two variables is a line. Example: a brace is used to keep equations of a system together. + - = + = 3 2 3 x y x y What is a solution to a system of equations in two variables? o * The solution to a system is a set of values that make all the equations true o * In a linear system the solution is the point of intersection (x, y) o One way to find a solution is to graph both lines and find where they intersect. – SOLVE BY GRAPHING. Let’s try solving!
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Unformatted text preview: Here is a system: =--= + 3 2 7 2 y x y x 2 You try! Here is a system: = +-= + 2 5 2 y x y x Classifying Systems o Independent System: 1 solution o Dependent System : no unique solution (many solutions) o Inconsistent System: no solution Classify the following solutions as a type of system: Classifying Systems w/out Graphing: o- you can compare the slopes and y-intercepts to find the number of solutions. o Classify the system w/out graphing (hint: Rewrite the 2nd equation in slope-intercept form (y=mx+b) = +-+ = 1 2 3 2 y x x y Check Understanding On your own or w/partner: o p. 118 – Check Understanding # 3 a,b, and c Homework: o p. 118-119 # 1-9 (odd), 13-18, 25-27...
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3.1 notes c - Here is a system: =--= + 3 2 7 2 y x y x 2...

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