2-5 notes - In general, the graph of x y-= is a...

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Section 2.5 – Absolute Value Functions Focus / Warm-up Evaluate the following for x = -5, -4, 0 1) 2 12 3 + + - = x y Objectives : - Graph absolute value equations - Locate the vertex on an abs value equation - Use absolute value equations to model real world situations An equation of the form c b mx y + + = (where 0 m ) is an absolute value equation in two variables. Graphs of absolute value equations look like ______. A vertex of an equation is ______________________________________. In general, the vertex of an absolute value equation is located at - c m b , . Let’s graph! 1) 12 3 + = x y Vertex____________________ x y
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When you are asked to graph an absolute value equation, please show me at least 4 points, and label your vertex. 2) Graph 12 3 + - = x y How are the graphs of 1 & 2 related?
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Unformatted text preview: In general, the graph of x y-= is a _____________________ over the x axis of the graph of x y = . 3) 2 1-+-= x y Absolute value equations can be used to model time and distance problems. To make things easier, we sometimes consider the time before an event to be negative. We will consider time before arrival to be negative in the next problem. 4) Suppose you pass NIST half way along your tip to school each morning. You walk at a rate of one city block per minute. Sketch a graph of your trip to school based on your distance and time from the NIST building. If you rode your bike to school at a rate of three blocks per minute, how would the graph change? Homework #__ : Page 88 (1, 5, 9, 28, 39, 42)...
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2-5 notes - In general, the graph of x y-= is a...

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