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Unformatted text preview: Shift Quiz What: 20 minute, 40 point quiz. The questions will be VERY similar to the hard questions on the chapter 5 exam. When: Block Day, April 19‐20, in class. Grading: Your chapter 5 exam score will be truncated at 60 points. (Any score above 60 points counts as 60 points, any score below 60 points is unaffected). Your shift quiz score will be added to your truncated score, and you will earn the higher of your truncated + shift quiz score or original score. Material to study: Most of the issues on the chapter 5 exam were basic algebra, especially properties of exponents and solving equations. We do not have time to review these in class, but the very first “R” section in your purple book is a review of algebra I. Please look at that section if you did not do as well as you hoped on your exam. Section R.2, Properties of Exponents (do pg. 27: 73 – 106) Section R.8, Fractional Exponents (do pg. 75: 5 – 96) ...
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