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01/14/2011 PIB Algebra II Mr. Petach Evaluation The most important part of mathematics is the ability to solve problems. Tests, quizzes, take-home projects, and graded projects show how well you solve math problems. However, daily practice and an engaged mind during class are also critical to learn mathematics well. Thus, you will be evaluated not only on your performance on tests and projects, but also on your preparedness for class and your involvement during class. Asking and answering questions is encouraged and will be rewarded with a modest number of points. The oral presentation component of the final project will also factor into participation grades. BVSD requires that 80% of the total grade be determined by summative activities (S) that
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Unformatted text preview: show how well the student has learned material. Summative activities include tests and take-home projects. The remaining 20% of the grade may be derived from formative activities (F), which are activities undertaken during the process of learning the material, such as doing homework or asking questions during class. The approximate percentages are as follows: Homework (30%) Daily homework checks (F) 15% Vector Project (S) 10% Final project -- written (S) 5% Participation (10%) Daily in class participation (F) 5% Final project – oral (S) 5% Exams (60%) Chapter exams and quizzes (S) 50% Final (S) 10% Total: 100%...
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