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HTM 101 PROJECT Guest Experience Evaluation 2011 -...

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HOSPITALITY & TOURISM MANAGEMENT PROGRAM HTM 101 – HOSPITALITY FUNDAMENTALS PROJECT 2: GUEST EXPERIENCE EVALUATION INTRODUCTION We have discussed and outlined various aspects of service and how it applies to the hospitality industry. We have done this in class and will do so throughout the rest of the course. Guests and customers are, in the end, the evaluators of the service and the experiences we provide. This project applies the qualities of service and the entire guest experience which we have discussed and now allows you the opportunity to apply this knowledge to the hospitality industry. You will need to choose an aspect of the industry which you “experience” at least three times yet this semester. Consider food service / dining, bars / beverage outlets, or lodging / hotels (only if you will experience 3 hotels yet this semester!). Choose an aspect which is similar: fast food or full-service restaurants – not three unique entities. If you need further explanation, please see me or ask. PROJECT OUTLINE PART 1: DEVELOPMENT OF GUEST EXPERIENCE / SERVICE STANDARDS AND EVALUATION FORM (30 points) First, from our discussions and your personal experience, develop a set of 15 criteria or characteristics which you will use to evaluate guest/service experiences. Make the standards very clear standards which you expect to see or experience (remember the discussion on “defining service”?). Create the list and develop a definition and a standard for each criteria you are evaluating. Write the standard you expect to see in the clearest terms possible.
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HTM 101 PROJECT Guest Experience Evaluation 2011 -...

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