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HOSPITALITY & TOURISM MANAGEMENT PROGRAM HTM 101 – HOSPITALITY FUNDAMENTALS TOURISM SCAVENGER HUNT GRAND RAPIDS AS A TRAVEL DESTINATION Your task is to take a walk around downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan and determine what forms of tourism you can find and what elements required for tourism are clearly evident on your walk. This is an exercise that can be done as individuals or in small groups – I give you the right to do this however you decide. Attached is a map of downtown Grand Rapids. Follow the directions assigned and follow the map. Take the walk and tell me what you observe, see, and discover. Apply our discussions of tourism to Grand Rapids…. Why could Grand Rapids be considered a good and successful travel destination? How do we fit? What are our resources? ASSIGNMENT: Upon the completion of your walking tour of Grand Rapids, your assignment is to write up an assessment/analysis of Grand Rapids as a “travel destination.” You are not to be critical of what you see, but analytical. This means assessing how Grand Rapids meets the definition of a successful travel destination. Later in class, we will discuss the reality of what you observe and
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