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BOOK_REPORTS - HISTORY 101 BOOK REPORTS First please note...

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HISTORY 101, BOOK REPORTS First, please note: THESE ARE NOVELS (ie, fiction). Silver Pigs, The Chinese Gold Murders , and One Corpse Too Many are either written by reputable researchers or are based on real documents, but both the stories and the way the authors use historical information are fictional. If you want to do A Canticle for Liebowitz , see me. These reports should be no fewer than two and no more than four pages (printed, double spaced, 12 point or smaller type). You should also have a cover sheet with your name and course information, and the title and author of the book. You also need a bibliography , listing the sources you have used. At the minimum, this should include the novel, and the text. Other sources could, and usually should, be used. Your assignment is to read the books you choose, read your text, and select a theme in the novel that you can follow. Then (and this is the most important point), compare the fiction with fact. You may pick any theme that appeals to you: the military, the status of women, politics, food, music, religion ….
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