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CHAPTER_1_2_Egypt_outline - Imperial period begins...

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Lec 2 Egypt “Gift of the Nile” Geography Regular climate Predictable river Security Sense of security, stability = Gods are benevolent; Change is BAD Note map p 17 Chronology: Old and Middle Kingdoms Unification under Menes, c 3100 bc Role of Pharaoh Ma’at God-king Ruled through local leaders, nomarchs Pyramid building: Pyramid of Khufu, c 2540 bc Mummification and the Cult of the Dead Secret techniques Immortality Magic Religion Isis-Osiris-Horus Polytheistic Animal and nature gods Resurrectionists Art Tomb painting Face painting Music Hieroglyphics: Middle Kingdom ends with Hyksos invasions c 1650 [Joseph and his brothers?] New Kingdom [empire]
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Unformatted text preview: Imperial period begins: expulsion of Hyksos under Ahmose, expansion into the Fertile Crescent Hatchepsut Amenhotep III Amenhotep IV, aka Akhnaton Nefertiti Monotheism (?): the Aton Tel el Amarna Tutankaton/Tutankamon: What’s in a name? Ankehsenamen The mystery Ramses the Great (1279-1212) Military pharaoh Temple Building, eg Abu Simbel, temple to Nefertari Mid-life crisis? Exodus? Daily Life Optimistic, prosperous If you walked like an Egyptian, you were an Egyptian Decline “Sea People” invade c 1200 Foreign rule Nubians Persians Greeks Alexander the Great The Ptolemys Cleopatra and the Romans...
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CHAPTER_1_2_Egypt_outline - Imperial period begins...

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