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101 Africa [see map p 229] ANCIENT Agriculture first appeared south of Egypt, in the region called NUBIA Nubia was absorbed by Egypt, some late pharaonic dynasties were Nubian After decline of Egypt, Nubia became the kingdom of KUSH Before 1000 a.d., kingdom of AXUM (Ethiopia) rose By 300s, Ethiopia adopted COPTIC CHRISTIANITY Trade By donkey and then, around 500 b.c., the camel was introduced Tied the region loosely together, as trade will do, SAHARA 8000-4000 b.c., Sahara was a wet grassland, with herds and settlements After 3000 b.c., region began to dry out, results: Sahara became a desert Nile delta dried out enough for farming COMING OF ISLAM Pre-Islamic religions : Coptic Christian in North Africa and Ethiopia Sub-Saharan peoples were polytheistic and stressed ancestor worship , with a belief in an afterlife tied to kinship groups By the 9 th century, Islam conquered North Africa and expanded into the Horn of Africa and was poised to push into sub-Saharan Africa and along the coasts. draw map; CHECK book for additional points?
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CHAPTER_8_Africa_outline - 101 Africa [see map p 229]...

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