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Exam 3 Study Guide Exam 3 will cover the chapters since the last exam, that is, Chapters 6 through 12. It will also include the lecture on the rise of Christianity. This is a lot of material, so it’s especially important to approach it in an organized way. FIRST: Study your notes and outlines. You book is, for this exam, back-up information. If a subject or term doesn’t turn up in your outlines, it will not be on the exam. SECOND: There will be NO ESSAY and NO MAP on Exam 3. The test will consist of the usual objective questions (fill in blanks and multiple choice) but instead of an essay you will have 3 to 5 IDENTIFICATION questions – that is, questions asking you to identify people, places, or events in a paragraph, mentioning who or what it was, when and where it was important, and WHY it is important (what difference did it make?). THIRD: The main focus on the exam will be Ch 7: Islam, plus the lectures on Christianity Ch 10: China Ch 12: The Making of Europe While they are important, the material in Chapters 6, 8, 9 and 11 will be limited to the following major topics: Chapter 6 The characteristics of the cultures of MesoAmerica, with emphasis on Religion, culture, and economics The Maya The Aztec Know the difference between the cultures of MesoAmerica and North American tribes PLUS: Terms to know: Teotihuacan, Pyramids, Calendars, Cortez, Inca Chapter 8 Know the major areas of Africa and the typical cultures found in each: North Africa, above the Sahara West Africa (Ghana, Mali) East Africa (the Sudan, Ethiopia) Southern Africa (Great Zimbabwe) PLUS
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Exam_3_and_Final_Study_Guide - Exam 3 Study Guide Exam 3...

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