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Ch._1_-_Study_questions - 15 What is bioremediation 16 What...

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Biol 261 - Study Questions – Chapter 1  1.  Do bacteria have a nucleus? 2. Are bacteria prokaryotic or eukaryotic?  3. What type of cells have cell membranes?   4. What are cell membranes made of? 5. What is unique about bacterial cell walls? 6.  What are the following and what is their function within a cell?  Cytoplasmic membrane,  cytoplasm, nucleus, nucleoid, ribosome, cell wall. 7. Do microorganisms typically live in pure culture? 8. What factors influence the types of microorganisms present? 9. What do micoorganisms do the environment they are in? 10. How old is the Earth? 11. Describe the progression of the types of organisms and changes in the environment of  the Earth. 12. Where are most of the microorganisms found in the environment? 13. How has the leading causes of death changed between 1900 and 2008? 14. What are biofuels?  Give examples.
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Unformatted text preview: 15. What is bioremediation? 16. What are some possible careers in microbiology? 17. What contribution to microbiology did the following people make? Robert Hooke, Anton van Leeuwenhoek, Ferdinand Cohn, Louis Pasteur, Robert Koch, Martinus Beijerinck, Sergei Winogradsky, Robert Lister, Eli Metchnikoff, Karl Landsteiner, Paul Ehrlich, Frederick Griffith, Alexander Fleming, Barbara McClintock, Watson & Crick, Francois Jacob, Thomas Brock, Fred Sanger, Stanley Prusiner, Luc Montagnier Biol 261 - Study Questions – Chapter 1 18. What is spontaneous generation? How was it disproved? Why would people believe in it? 19. What is the purpose of Koch’s postulates? When would it not be possible to use them? 20. What are some of the major subdisciplines of microbiology?...
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Ch._1_-_Study_questions - 15 What is bioremediation 16 What...

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