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Biol 261 - Ch. 25 – Review Questions 1. What are some examples of the following industrial products and what are they used for? Microbial cells, enzymes, antibiotics, steroids, food additives, commodity chemicals. 2. How is a primary metabolite different from a secondary metabolite and give an example of each. 3. What is a fermenter used for and why are there different sizes? 4. What variables have to be controlled during fermentation and why? 5. What is an antibiotic? Name three types of antibiotic producers and the antibiotic they produce. 6. How are antibiotic producers isolated and screened? 7. What structure is unique to penicillin? 8. What are some bacteria resistant to penicillin? 9. How is penicillin G different from ampicillin and methocillin? 10. Which amino acids are produced by microorganisms and used as a food preservative or an artificial sweetner?
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Unformatted text preview: 11. What has to happen for an organism to be able to over produce an endproduct like lysine? 12. Give an example of a biotransformation that Rhizopus nigricans does. 13. What applications are associated with each of the following enzymes? Amylase, protease, invertase, glucose isomerase, rennin, cellulose, lipase, lactase, and DNA polymerase 14. What is the advantage of extremozymes? Give and example of one and its application. 15. Where does the color of wine come from? 16. Explain how wine is made. What is must? Why would you add sulfur dioxide? 17. What makes champagne different from wine? 18. How is brewing different from wine making? 19. How is the alcohol content increased in beverages like rum and vodka? 20. What is vinegar? How is it made? Which organism makes it? 21. What are Agaricus bisporus and Shitake ?...
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