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Ch._26_-_Study_Questions - 7 What is gene therapy and what...

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Biol 261 - Ch. 26 1. What is genetic engineering and cloning? Give examples. 2. What are insulin and somatotropin? How are they genetically engineered? 3. What is a recombinant vaccine? Polyvalent vaccine? 4. How is a subunit vaccine different from a vector vaccine and a DNA vaccine? 5. What is gene mining? 6. What is unique about a transgenic organism?
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Unformatted text preview: 7. What is gene therapy and what disease is it used for? 8. What plasmid does Agrobacterium tumefaciens carry? What does it cause? How is this organism important to genetic engineering? 9. What is Bacillus thuringiensis used for? What type of organism is it?...
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