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Biol 261 – Chapter 35 study questions 1.  What is a zoonosis? 2. What causes rabies?  How is it transmitted?  How is it treated?  How is it diagnosed?  What causes hydrophobia?  3. What does Hantavirus cause?  How is it spread? 4. What is unique about Rickettsias?  What type of diseases do they cause? 5. What is the vector for the rickettsial diseases? 6. What causes Lyme’s disease?  What is the vector?  What is the characteristic diagnostic  reaction?  What type of organism causes Lyme’s disease? 7. What causes malaria?  How is it spread?  What is the vector?  What type of organism  causes malaria?  How is it prevented?  What parts of the body are infected by this  organism? 8. What cause west nile fever?  How is it spread?
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Unformatted text preview: 9. What causes bubonic plaque? How is it spread? What type of organism is it? What is a buboe? How is it treated? 10. What is a mycosis? Mycotoxin? Dimorphic fungus? 11. What causes ringworm, athlete’s foot, jock itch, rose handler’s disease, thrush, cryptococcosis, histoplamosis? 12. What is a dermatophyte? 13. How can a fungi cause allergies? Systemic infection? Superficial infection, intoxication? 14. Which fungal toxin is a carcinogen? 15. What causes lock jaw? How does it cause disease? What are the basic characteristics of the organism? How is it transmitted? What is the disease process? 16. Is tetanus preventable?...
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