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Pathogen_Assignment - works the best on them 4 What type of...

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Name ____________ Date _____________ 1. What is the etiological agent of each of the following disease? a. Cholera b. Scalded skin syndrome c. Diphtheria d. Tuberculosis e. Strept throat 2. Diagram the pathogenic mechanism for each organism including specific virulence factors and how it causes disease. 3. Explain how each pathogen would be treated and how we would know what drug
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Unformatted text preview: works the best on them? 4. What type of immunity, if any, is associated with each disease and why? 5. Explain the differences between humoral and cell mediated immunity in a diagram. This assignment is due when you take exam #3. 25 pts toward your participation grade. (5 points for each question)...
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