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Hist. 142 Notes

Hist. 142 Notes - T HE AZTECS-adaptations in subsistence...

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THE AZTECS: -adaptations in subsistence patterns in Mesoamerica: -8000-2000 BC-hunting from mega fauna to small game, gathering and knowledge of plants, horticulture, technology (tools, craft production) -2000 BC-1500 AD-Mesoamerican crops (maize, beans, cotton, squashes, amaranthus, cacao, cochineal), raised fields/irrigation, food surpluses and city states -core areas of Mesoamerica-central Mexico (Mexica, Tepanec, Acolhua), western Mexico (Tarascan, Tzintzuntzan), southern Mexico (Mixtec, Zapotec), southeast Maya (Chiapas, Yucatan, Guatemala, Honduras) -trading networks-regions not formally under the sway of central city states, trade and contact among rival core area merchant ambassadors, Xicalanca on the Gulf coast, Casas Grandes and La Quemada along the axis of the Sierra Madre Occidental, religious rituals and symbols -peripheral areas of Mesoamerican influence-northwestern Mexico, Nahua and Tarascan influences, material culture and language, metallurgy (working w/ metals) and long
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