Hist. 142 Notes 2

Hist. 142 Notes 2 - THE INCAS: -called Tawantinsuyo (the...

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THE INCAS: -called Tawantinsuyo (“the four parts put together” in Quechua) -Chavin, around 800 BC, was horizon of civilization in Andes -Paracas, around 200 BC, big on textiles, weaving; South -Moche, 200-700 AD, ceramic technology; North -grown in the Andes: maize (the American “staff of life”), potatoes and other tubers (oca, maca, mashua, ulluco) -Andean khipus-knot tying that was used as a form of writing -tunics w/ tocapu-woven textiles used as form of communication -environment of Andes allowed for many diff. environmental niches; diff. groups of Andeans accessed diff. niches (but did not own them like property) through kinship; members of community were sent to cultivate diff. niches, so that all of the family could pool together assets to survive (collective labor) -reciprocity ensured that all members were equally benefitted -ayllu-people descended from a common ancestor who worked lands held in common -kuraka-choreographers of the exchanges of goods between ayllu members, ensure reciprocity; kurakas were still expected to contribute in some way to the people they “led” -this shows that Huamanga peoples may have had problems w/ contributing labor to Inca Empire w/o receiving anything in return -Iberia’s deep past-from around 200 BC: Roman province (Hispania); from around 415 AD: Visigoths invade; 711 AD: Islamic invaders -1492-Muslim rule in Iberia ends in Granada, led to development of very militant Catholicism, Catholics were brought together in opposition to Moors, Jews forced to convert to Christianity or leave
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Hist. 142 Notes 2 - THE INCAS: -called Tawantinsuyo (the...

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