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Hist. 142 Notes 4

Hist. 142 Notes 4 - FOUNDATIONS OF NEW SPAIN-1524-Council...

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FOUNDATIONS OF NEW SPAIN: -1524-Council of the Indies in Spain -1527, 1530-First and Second Audiencias in Mexico -1535-First Viceroy of New Spain, Antonio de Mendoza –directly appointed by King -1524/25-Cortes and Pedro de Alvarado to Guatemala and Honduras, death of Cuauhtemoc -1528-Cortes receives encomienda grant and title of Marques del Valle in Spain -1530/40-Cortes returns to Mexico, but has lost governing power -1527/36-Panfilo de Narvaez leads expedition to Florida, shipwreck and death of most of expeditionaries; survival and odyssey of Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca and four companions from Florida and the coastal areas of the Gulf of Mexico, across Texas and into northwestern Mexico -1529/38-Beltran Nuno de Guzman, President of First Audiencia, defeat of Tarascan realm, murder of cazonci Tangaxoan, violent expedition through western Mexico -1540/41-Mixton War (uprising of people outside of what had been the Mexica empire, against the Spaniards) -indios conquistadores-indigenous allies, like the Tlaxcalans, fought w/ Spaniards against other native groups in the advancing frontiers that moved north and west of the valley of Mexico -Church: evangelization -1523-“Twelve Apostles”, first Franciscans -1527-Francisco de Zumarraga, Bishop of Mexico City -1532-Vasco de Quiroga, Bishop of Michoacan (hospice republics of Indians founded in the Valley of Mexico and in Michoacan) -1544-Las Casas, Bishop of Chiapas -Florentine Codex-Nahua native scribes directed by Bernardino de Sahugun, showed Nahuatl pictures and text in Latin alphabet THE ANDES: -Francisco Pizarro-son of a nobleman, Spanish explorer in Peru -epidemic disease invades the Andes -1532-Atahualpa becomes Inca ruler; Pizarro arrives -1532/33-Atahualpa is ransomed…and killed -1536-Manco Capac lays siege to Cuzco -1537/72-an Inca resistance holds out, north of Cuzco, at Vilcabamba; Pizarro begins distributing encomiendas; Spaniards fall into vicious civil wars
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-debunking myths of Spanish conquest: -“the Indians thought that the Spaniards were gods”-once Indians saw Spaniards act in a human way, why would they think they were still gods?
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