Hist. 142 Notes 5

Hist. 142 Notes 5 - B RAZI L: -Brazil-eastern land mass of...

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BRAZIL: -Brazil-eastern land mass of South America, extends from north of the Equator to south of the Tropic of Capricorn; geographical features (Amazon Basin and tropical rainforest, Rio de la Plata, Atlantic rain forest, Savannah grasslands, Sertao “backlands” of arid scrub forest, inter tropical convergence zone -Inter Tropical Convergence Zone-wind currents and ocean temp. produce wind currents that converge near Equator, responsible for storms or drought in Brazil -major languages-Arawak, Ge, Tup/Tupinamba, Guarini; hundreds of ethnic groups -chiefdoms-leadership in persons, no centralized ruler, men were hunters and warriors -Tupinamba women-agriculture, food preparation, diplomacy (greeted foreigners, “weeping” to welcome guests) -principal phases of colonial economy in Brazil: dyewood (brasas=Brazil), sugar, gold, other plantation crops (tobacco, cotton) -early colonial Brazil: Portuguese, French and Dutch rivalries; trade w/ indigenous peoples; sugar colonies; missions entrusted to the Jesuit Order; enslavement of Indians and Africans to meet the growing labor demands of the plantation economy -economy-early European settlements were unstable and clustered on Atlantic coast,
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Hist. 142 Notes 5 - B RAZI L: -Brazil-eastern land mass of...

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