Hist. 142 Notes 6

Hist. 142 Notes 6 - -imperial and commercial rivals:...

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-imperial and commercial rivals: European powers (England, France, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal), continents (Asia, Europe, Africa, Americas) -European imperial rivalries: War of the Spanish Succession (1701-14, Peace of Utrecht), Great Britain made trading and territorial inroads into the Spanish, Portuguese, and French maritime empires -Hapsburg to Bourbon rule: -Philip of Anjou became Philip V of Spain -British contested the dynastic union of the French and Spanish Crowns - Bourbon dynasty kept Spanish Crown -military and commercial concessions to Great Britain; exclusive monopoly for the slave trade to Spanish American ports for 30 years (1713-43) -Spanish and Portuguese colonies: territorial wars in South America, Greater Rio de la Plata (Banda Oriental, eastern bank; Rio Grande do Sul, province; Colonia do Sacramento) -imperial powers in North America: -Spanish, French, British vied for territories and commercial routes in the Caribbean and mainland North America -British took Spanish ports of Havana, St. Augustine, and Manila (1762) -British held Florida for 20 years -Treaties of Paris, 1763 and 1783 -Spain gained Louisiana and New Orleans, 1763-93 -Spanish Florida-frontier in the Atlantic imperial web; orientations to Caribbean, Atlantic, North America, New Spain -mercantilism modified-Bourbon reforms allow limited free trade -intercolonial trade: -legal trade among different colonial ports
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Hist. 142 Notes 6 - -imperial and commercial rivals:...

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