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Hist. 142 Notes 7 - -New Spain in 18th century-jewel of the...

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-New Spain in 18 th century-jewel of the Crown b/c of capacity to produce wealth, pop. growth -Bourbon expansion and defense: -expeditions for frontier defense-Juan Bautista de Anza from Sonora to Alta California (1774-75), Nicolas de LaFora and Marques de Rubi inspection tour of northern presidios (1766-68) -Juan Bautista de Anza-overland route to connect New Spain and California, military colony and mission (San Francisco), Pacific Ocean port and presidio -LaFora and Rubi-assessment of presidios for discipline/ supplies/ effectiveness, plan to move existing presidios and create new garrisons, expansion of military defenses northward -imperial defenses and rival powers: -Comanches-Shoshonian federation of equestrian tribes -Apaches-Athapaskan bands of herders, hunters and raiders -British maritime aggression and settler colonies -French trading colonies in the Mississippi corridor -significant encounters b/w Spanish forces and northern nomads: -Comanches-destruction of Mission of San Saba in TX (1754), peace treaty of 1786 in New
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