Hist. 142 Notes 8

Hist. 142 Notes 8 - -colonial transitions: -New...

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-colonial transitions: -New Spain-Bourbon colonial administration, competing imperial powers in the Americas, scientific expeditions (Malaspina and von Humboldt), independence wars -Atlantic World-industrial revolution, enlightenment and secular thought, French Revolution and Haitian rebellion, Napoleonic wars, US independence/ Louisiana Purchase -Alexander von Humboldt (1769-1859)-traveled in the Americas (1799-1804); Political Essay on the Kingdom of New Spain; Political Essay on the Island of Cuba; Voyages to the Equinoccial Regions of the New Continent (ecology, political science, liberty: human and natural sciences) -monarchical crises in Europe: -French Revolution-Louis XVI overthrown and executed, Napoleon Bonaparte and French wars of expansion, continental and maritime wars (Spain, Portugal, France, Britain) -Spain and Portugal-French invasions of Spain and Portugal, Portuguese royal family flees to Brazil, Charles IV abdicates to Ferdinand VII (both captured and exiled in France), Spanish national junta -crises of late 18 th century: rising food prices while wages stagnated, Great Hunger (1783-85), British naval blockade closed off Spanish colonial trade, agricultural crises (1809-11) spurred widespread
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Hist. 142 Notes 8 - -colonial transitions: -New...

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