Hist. 142 Notes 9

Hist. 142 Notes 9 - -ideology: different meanings of...

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Unformatted text preview: -ideology: different meanings of independence-autonomy or indep., territorial unity or regional republics, equality (but who is a citizen?), electoral republics but centralized rule-principle leaders: Francisco de Miranda (oldest, son of wealthy merchant, not completely accepted by kurakas aristocracy b/c of fathers background, died in prison in Spain after being arrested), Simon Bolivar (Venezuelan landed family, European travels, vision of united independent republic, Gran Colombia federation, active military career), Antonio Jose de Sucre (born in Nueva Granada in captaincy of Venezuela, supported Bolivar, military victories in Quito and Junin/ Ayacuco in Peru, led insurgency to Alto Peru and named it Bolivia, adult life dedicated to military service, first president of Bolivia, ambushed and killed by rival political factions), Jose de San Martin (independence movements in Rio de la Plata, insurgents conquest of Andes, educated in Spain), Bernardo OHiggins (Chile, conflicting ideas...
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Hist. 142 Notes 9 - -ideology: different meanings of...

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