Geol. 105 Notes 2

Geol. 105 Notes 2 - -plate tectonics: -in 1960s our...

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-plate tectonics: -in 1960’s our understanding of Earth completely changed, by 1972 revolution was over; was triggered by deep sea exploration (which was motivated by submarine technology of Cold War) -the need to explain several phenomena observed on Earth’s surface (paleontology, geomorphology, geology) -geology in 19 th century: William Smith (1769-1838) put together first geological map (“The Map that Changed the World”-Simon Winchester), based mainly on fossils and rock strata -geography of Atlantic Ocean-is it a coincident that the continents appear to fit together across the Atlantic?, continental margins (the parts of continents under water) give even more complete puzzle -Alfred Lothar Wegener (1880-1930)-proposed that at some point the continents must have been attached -evidence for continental drift/plate tectonics-geography and topography, distribution of paleo organisms (fossils in Africa matched fossils in South American, for ex.), distribution of geological deposits (layers of sediment have similar signatures), Global Positioning Systems (GPS), magnetic field, earthquakes and seismology -paleontology-correlated flora and fauna across continents -how could fossils of land animals appear on widely separated continents?: evolved indep., on
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Geol. 105 Notes 2 - -plate tectonics: -in 1960s our...

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