Geol. 105 Notes 4

Geol. 105 Notes 4 - -seismology-study of the shaking of the...

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-seismology-study of the shaking of the Earth (earthquakes, collapse, etc.); exploration seismology determines where oil is located, engineering seismology deals primarily w/ structure response to shaking, earthquake seismology, CTBT (Continental Test Ban Treaty) deals w/ testing of nuclear explosions -seismometer-records motion of Earth at surface, as waves come up and hit a point, always records 3 components (directions) of wave motion -seismograph-records “wiggles” of wave movement during shaking of Earth -monitoring station-includes various components (mic amplifier, data logger, cables to microphones, car batteries, cable to seismometer) that are taken into field during earthquake -seismic waves: -body waves-primary (compress and contract, first waves that arrive, “pressure” wave, shearing parallel to motion of wave) and secondary (shearing perpendicular to motion of wave, transverse, always arrive after P waves, rope goes up and down and wave moves “through it”, slower velocity) -seismic waves and Earth’s interior -surface waves-Love (travel at interfaces near the Earth’s surface), Rayleigh (combo of compression and shearing motion, travel at Earth’s surface, sometimes this is called ground roll) -sound waves and seismic waves -wavelength-distance from max. of one peak to max. of ensuing wave -amplitude- -frequency-measured in hertz (Hz); sound is measured
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Geol. 105 Notes 4 - -seismology-study of the shaking of the...

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