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Geol. 105 Notes 9 - Fire -the fire triangle: fuel, oxygen,...

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Fire -the fire triangle: fuel, oxygen, heat -fire-a rapid, persistent chemical rx that releases heat and light, especially the exothermic combination of a combustible substance w/ oxygen -stages of fire: heat, photosynthesis, potential energy, combustion -in chemical process, molecules rearrange themselves, and energy is either released or absorbed; the process in fire is oxidation, where oxygen atoms combine w/ hydrogen and carbon to form water and carbon dioxide (oxidation is same process that turns iron into rust, but much slower) -the whole purpose of photosynthesis and combustion/ metabolism is to convert chemical energy into other forms of energy such as heat (carbon cycle) -the need for fire: releases carbon dioxide back into atmosphere, decomposition needs warmth and moisture, in Mediterranean climates fire is necessary to recycle nutrients and regenerate plant communities -benefits of fire to humans: warmth, cooking, hunting, clearing land, hardens materials such as in pottery, sterilization, supplies energy for burning
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