Geol. 105 Notes 10

Geol. 105 Notes 10 - Mass Extinction-where did the...

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Unformatted text preview: Mass Extinction-where did the trilobites go?-laws: superposition (young rocks on top), faunal assemblage (same fossils = same age), faunal succession (old forms disappear, new forms develop)-William Smith, The Map that Changed the World-based mainly on fossils and rock strata-early history of life:-Archean-3.85 Ga, life is bacteria like organisms-Proterozoic- 3.5 Ga, photosynthesis gives rise to oxygen-Cambrian explosion-543 Ma-big philosophical debate: uniformitarianism (modern geology) vs. catastrophism (biblical interpretations-at some point some catastrophic event changes the world)-Torino scale-assesses comet and asteroid impact hazards (from 0 to 10)-TEST 3:-severe weather, hurricanes-severe weather-death due to severe weather, role of water (Specific heat, heat capacity, latent heat: condensation and freezing), Hadley cells, global wind patterns, cold/ warm fronts, jet streams, low/ high pressure patterns, how thunderstorms work (rising air masses, release of heat), formation of hail/ ice...
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