Astr. 101 Notes 3

Astr. 101 Notes 3 - -apparent sizes of Sun and Moon-Sun...

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-apparent sizes of Sun and Moon-Sun average is 32’, Moon average is 31.89’ -solar eclipses from 2000 BCE to 3000 CE: 1.062/1 partial to total eclipses -Galileo Galilei-was one of first people to use telescope to observe the heavens; observed four moons orbiting Jupiter, sunspots on Sun, features on Moon, phases of Venus -observations strongly suggested that Earth orbits Sun, and not vice versa -laws were not generally accepted until they were seen in the context of Galileo’s observations -Jupiter and its Galilean moons: Galileo made his observations in 1610 -Galileo and the Inquisition-he was told by the Church not to advocate a heliocentric universe; 1633 Galileo was interrogated by the Inquisition, shown the instruments of torture, and thus forced to recant his ideas advocating a heliocentric universe; sentenced to House Arrest until his death in 1642; the Church lifted the ban on heliocentric ideas in 1700s; Church officially forgave Galileo’s crimes in 1992 -Isaac Newton-formulated his Universal Law of Gravity; showed that planets orbit Sun according to simple mechanical rules (dictated by force of gravity); proved Kepler’s observational laws -1 st Law of Motion-body persists its state of rest/ uniform motion unless acted upon by external, unbalanced force (law of inertia) -2 nd Law of Motion-force equals mass x acceleration (F=ma; a=F/m)
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Astr. 101 Notes 3 - -apparent sizes of Sun and Moon-Sun...

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