Astr. 101 Notes 6

Astr. 101 Notes 6 - -Earth: -unique due to presence of...

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-Earth: -unique due to presence of liquid water -thunderstorms-Earth has very dynamic atmosphere, which leads to flowing of surface water and erosion; this energy for thunderstorms comes from the condensation of water vapor to liquid droplets; water on Earth is very dynamic (rains, streams, rivers, waves, etc) -Earth’s geology shows dramatic changes over long timescales too (ex. sea floor sediments in Colorado Rockies) -energy sources-change implies motion, motion requires energy (sources: solar radiation, tidal forces, internal heat, impacts); what keeps Earth at current temperature? distance of Earth from Sun ensures that energy coming in equals energy going out) -light flux from Sun: luminosity is total energy in all directions; flux is energy through a specific surface area (peak wavelength of light emitted by Sun is 500 nm, or the center of the visible spectrum; peak wavelength emitted by Earth is 10 microns) -Earth’s albedo is about 38% (average over all incoming radiation) -Stephan Boltzman Law says average Earth temperature should be -2 degrees F
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Astr. 101 Notes 6 - -Earth: -unique due to presence of...

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