Astr. 101 Notes 10

Astr. 101 Notes 10 - -the origin of our solar system-key...

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Unformatted text preview: -the origin of our solar system:-key properties: sizes and compositions of terrestrial versus Jovian planets; directions and orientations of planetary orbits; sizes of terrestrial planet orbit versus Jovian orbits-composition of solar system-H and He make up 98% of total mass of solar system and also of the stars and galaxies in the universe as a whole-meteorites-most are 4.56 billion years old and are the building blocks of the solar system (the universe is 13.7 billion years old)-solar nebula hypothesis: Swedenborg, Kant, Laplace; nebular hypothesis says formation of solar system was from a disk of gas; collapsing clouds form disks (gravity causes cloud to fall in towards densest part of cloud, the center, the energy from this gravitational contraction gets converted to heat; if the cloud had any spin then by the conservation of angular momentum the spin rate increases and balances gravity along the equator causing a disk to form; when the center is hot enough and dense enough it starts glowing as a proto star; the contraction continues until the center of the protostar is hot enough to burn w/...
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