Hist. 151 Notes

Hist. 151 Notes - -civilization (an idea or a reality?):...

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Unformatted text preview: -civilization (an idea or a reality?): tools, technology, agriculture, animal husbandry; urbanization and divisions of labor; government, institutions, and law; social stratification (classes/ orders; ex. caste system); language and writing; a common culture (culture=social norms, beliefs, practices, etc.)-Western civilization-a Hebrew invention? (ethical monotheism), a Greek invention? (individualism, freedom, reason), or a synthesis of both-passing torch of Western civilization: Greece to Italy to France and Germany to Italy to Germany to Spain to France to Britain to the US -why study Western Civilization today?: to get Americans to support fighting to protect Europe; course can teach us to think historically, sharpen our critical thinking skills; critics argue that the course only perpetuates Western superiority - the Hebrew contribution to the Western tradition:-historical conditions that shaped Hebrew/ Israelite culture and monotheism: experience of a people on the move (travel from Mesopotamia [Abraham, God, and the Promised Land] to Canaan [people initially...
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Hist. 151 Notes - -civilization (an idea or a reality?):...

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