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Hist. 151 Notes 2 - - the Greeks:-did Greeks “invent”...

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Unformatted text preview: - the Greeks:-did Greeks “invent” Western civilization?: individualism and freedom, participatory government (democracy; although their form is vastly different from our form of democracy today), the primacy of rational/ secular thought -the first Greek civilizations and the origins of classical Greece: -social, economic and cultural conditions at beginning of Classical period that shaped evolution of Greek culture: Minoan Civilization (exists on island of Crete, mythical traditions include King Minos, minotaur, easily conquered by Mycenaeans), Mycenaean Civilization (first “Greek” civilization; contribute forms of art, trade, invent original pantheon of Greek gods with human characteristics; wage war with Troy over trade), the Dark Ages (very little cultural production, decline in writing; process of de-urbanization, lack of security, instability and warfare), Eighth Century Revival (re-urbanization, development of urban class of artists, merchants and traders; these people form core of Democratic group;...
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