Hist. 151 Notes 3

Hist. 151 Notes 3 - Greeks descend from unity and triumph...

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Unformatted text preview: - Greeks descend from unity and triumph in Persian Wars; later experience civil war and disaster in Peloponnesian War:-the Persian Wars: revolt of the Ionian Greeks and Athenian support against Persians (Persians quickly subdue revolt, but they come away from the incidence extremely angry at Greeks); round one (Darius invades and the triumph of Athens in the Battle of Marathon, due to their use of the phalanx fighting system); round two (Xerxes, Darius’ son, invades and the Greeks unite in the Battles of Thermopylae [300 Spartans, and Greek auxiliaries hold off Persians], Salamis [huge victory for Athens, who trick Persians and destroy Persian navy], and Plantea [Greek army meets last of Persians and defeats them])-the Athenian moment (democracy and imperialism): Athens emerges as Greek superpower after Persian Wars; the Delian League is formed with Athens at the center (league becomes instrument for Athenian imperial power; Athenians argue that their dominance of Greece is good for other city states, which can...
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