Hist. 151 Notes 8

Hist. 151 Notes 8 - - the decline and fall of the Romans...

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Unformatted text preview: - the decline and fall of the Romans :-the crisis of the Late Empire (180-410 AD): -political causes: include Commodus and problem of succession (emperor succession switches back from adoptive system, which worked b/c emperors did not have competent sons to take the helm, to genetics with Marcus Aurelius’ son), the new military politics of the 3 rd century (new trend toward militarization of politics, as generals use their prestige to proclaim themselves emperors; all these generals establish brutal military dictatorships, virtually all meet a violent death), order through military dictatorship (general Diocletian manages to defeat all of his enemies, establishes a military dictatorship that ends the façade of the “Republic”; however, Diocletian does restore stability to the Empire; one reform under Diocletian is that all sons must assume the career of their fathers; he is remembered most for his decision to divide Empire into two halves, a Western and an Eastern, with each side’s leader...
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