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Hist. 151 Notes 9 - - the New Testament and the historical...

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Unformatted text preview: - the New Testament and the historical Jesus:-Apollonius of Tyana: performed miracles, had uncanny knowledge of religion at a young age; anti materialistic, rose from the dead after death (very similar storyline to Jesus)-not a single historical source that mentions Jesus that was written during his lifetime; earliest secular source that mentions Jesus is found in work of Josephus (produced 25 years after death of Jesus); letter from Tacitus mentions Jesus (80 years after Jesus death); some people claim Jesus was entirely made up-the Four Gospels: anonymous authors write them (sources written well after Jesus death, written not by the peasants who followed Jesus, but by well educated men; wrote to make certain theological points, support predictions from Old Testament), mythical and truthful; include Mark (65 CE), Matthew (70-100 CE), Luke (80-100 CE), John (100 CE); scholars dont believe Gospels written by people with names Mark, Matthew, Luke, John; historians believe stories in Gospels were probably...
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